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    [RQ] Faceboko add friends nolimit

    please tell me method to add 1000+ friends per day but i use so much programs for add friends... Facebook ban me everytime to make 50+ friends request i found one program but she is so much money... r

    please tell me method to make method to unlimit add friends per day

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    RE: [RQ] Faceboko add friends nolimit

    slowly but surely. you know what I mean.

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    RE: [RQ] Faceboko add friends nolimit

    Check my thread on Facebook bomber. It's a good tool too!

    And about getting banned on Facebook, that is one inescapable faith that you have to face while adding friends on to your facebook account.

    I now have 2 FB accounts with more than 1000+ Friends each, I have been banned a many times due to sending over friend requests. You just have to wait till you get unbanned and in the mean time you can create another account and start creating friends on it too. That way you will save more time and benefit more.

    Make sure you have a profile pic of a hot chick on FB and make the account look legit, by doing that you could escape a many of your ban timings.

    Another tip: For example while sending a friend request to a people of a particular country like USA, you need to send your automated friend requests while all are asleep. The reason behind this is, you will be able to send more friend requests before someone reporting you.

    That's how I do it. Making friends on facebook is a little hard time. But it's worth in the long run, Making friends on facebook for my fake profile, it's really fun. And I enjoy doing it.

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    i also want to add more friends in my facebook account. plz suggest some tools.

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    Please suggest for me also need some tools to add more friends in facebook.


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