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    insulation coating

    Colorless, transparent, high hardness of the new anti-corrosion coating Through the material dispersion and high temperature synthesis of new technologies, successfully developed a colorless, transparent, high hardness of the new anti-corrosion coating - ZS-922 transparent wear-resistant anti-corrosion coatings, paint transparent colorless full, smooth self-cleaning high, Naisuan Jian, anti-corrosion effect of good corrosion.hdpe plastic wood railing Poland
    The successful development of the paint to fill the domestic transparent wear-resistant anti-corrosion coating technology gaps, and paint indicators exceeded the international advanced level. Transparent wear-resistant anti-corrosion coating using inorganic - organic high cross-linking network interpenetration and monomer functional group of the world's leading technology, after 18 high-temperature synthesis of finishing technology.composite wood market in Philippines
    Coating solution using inorganic silicon, fluorocarbon and silicone three-axis fitness structure, such a solution in the weather, wear and adhesion performance to play the ultimate. ZS-922 Zhisheng transparent wear-resistant coating is stable in nature, storage capacity, and with the polymer molecular chain between the strong adhesion, increase the coating and coating and matrix stress concentration, that is。ebay composite tongue groove deck Singapore
    coating and coating Layer and matrix molecular forces tend to cross-linked state. The greater the degree of cohesion, the greater the degree of cross-linking reaction of the monomer functional group in the paint, the better the Shizheng ZS-922 coating produces a transparent wear-resistant gel network, Paint that is transparent and wear resistance and corrosion the better.picket fence styles


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