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Thread: Office Chairs

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    Office Chairs

    Office Chairs

    If a number of people use the same chair, make sure the seat height, backrest height and position of the backrest in relation to the seat are easily adjustable.

    Adjustment can be manual or gas powered.

    Chair height should permit the user’s forearms to be held comfortably at table height (with elbows at 90 degrees) and the lower back should be well supported. This may mean that a footrest is also required in order to support the feet and ankles.

    The back support should curve into the lower back and be slightly curved around the trunk. Some office chairs feature adjustable back contouring to better suit the user's posture.

    Some office chairs feature a ’free floating‘ backrest, which will move with the user and provide more constant back support as they lean forward and back.

    A seat that tilts forward can help maintain the natural curves of the back.

    Seat bases that promote a forward tilt of the pelvis may also assist in relieving back pain.

    A five-point star base on castor wheels provides stability and mobility.
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