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    Shop floor should pay attention to what

    Shop floor should pay attention to what?
    1, clean the floor before installation. In particular, the place to be eroded to eradicate.
    2, will be wired, telephone lines, network cable layout.
    3, if the wall of the heating pipe is too large too deep, it is best to fill with dry sand. Do not use cement seal!
    4, if there is water pipes, heating pipe remodeling must notify the installation of master, so as to avoid accidents!
    5, sprinkled good floor medicine, corner and door to sprinkle more.
    6, asked to install the master saw the door under the door, in addition to the floor under the door, so the installation is more solid.
    7, paved moisture-proof mats, if it is geothermal ground, must use geothermal special mats.
    8, it is best to open the box before installation, check the surface of the floor there is no corner at this situation rarely, but it is best to prevent.
    9, Be sure to keep the floor and walls 8mm of retractable space.
    10, be sure to make each room into a plate. If it is a large area, disconnect every 8-10 meters.
    11, install kicking line, it is best equipped with yin and yang angle, because the use of yin and yang corner, kicking corner joints will be strong.
    12, the floor and the kitchen floor tile connection is best equipped with copper or stainless steel, do not use ordinary plastic strips.
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