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    WPC floor installation precautions

    WPC floor installation precautions
    1, due to the greater density of wood-plastic material itself, the use of self-tapping screws are required to drill bit hole, and then self-tapping screw fastening.
    2, the fixed keel requirements: Requires the installation of face smooth, no potholes, keel spacing L in the 300mm ~ 350mm.
    3, for large-scale Wupu floor pavement, it is recommended to use the icon installation, the length of each WPC floor does not exceed 2 meters.
    4, Edge processingwpc decking sizes
    wpc exterior wall panel
    outdoor deck privacy panel
    Uses For Wood Composite Deck
    synthetic wood gazebo kits
    5, for the corner wood plastic flooring pavement, according to the length and angle of the bend on each of the two ends of the WPC floor after cutting and then paving. Cheap Wooden Walkways Decking
    6, the steps of wood floor flooring, the angle of the stairs for the proposed use of metal pressure on the plastic floor protection.
    7, in the course of using, please avoid heavy objects impact or collision. In the material storage, transportation, installation process, please pay attention to properly handle, to prevent it from falling from damage.


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